ReferTrac is a brand-new type of software that offers a way for credit unions and banks to track their referrals. It provides a number of features that are both fun and useful, and can be incorporated at any financial institution. This product is new, but it already has many banks using it to gain referrals and grow their markets. We’ll look at some of the excellent features provided when using ReferTrac, so you can see what a difference it will make for your own business.

Complete Customization

One of the best features of ReferTrac is that the system is completely customizable. That means that you can alter the system to fit your bank or credit union best. You can make changes to the referral form that staff use, customize reporting to show only what is important to you, and more. The team at ReferTrac is always available to help you make this system work just right for what you need. You can’t ask for most than that.

Security of Data

While this is a referral system used by staff members, the data is secured just as if private financial data was being used. All servers related to ReferTrac services are SAS Type II audited. There is also constant data encryption, so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your information and accounts. That’s something important to the team at FinancialRefer, so the security is top notch.

Referral Tracking

With ReferTrac, you will find that it’s straightforward to send referrals, as well as receive them. This can be done between staff members and departments in your credit union or bank. This makes everything easy and accessible, without the need for various systems for each office or department. Instead, it all stays in one system and is done in a single way for ease of use.

Manager Reports

For those who are managers in charge of being aware of referrals, ReferTrac helps out there, as well. You can set it up so that the appropriate members of the staff receive weekly reports showing top referrals. In addition to that, the managers can run reports 24/7 if they need more information on a day when an email is not sent out. That gives you flexibility, no matter how often you want to check up on things.

Staff Emails

It isn’t just managers who will receive information, either. Staff members will get an email each week that states the number of referrals that they have sent and received. One way to make this fun and grow numbers is to offer an incentive for being the top referrer of the week or month. This will give employees a reason to go above and beyond while ensuring you get the numbers you want.

ReferTrac for Banks and Credit Unions

As you can see, there are many features associated with ReferTrac, and it can offer a host of benefits for any financial institution. If you are interested in learning more about the system, you can do so here. You can also request a demo to try it out at no cost.

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