Refertrac is a simple and effective way for advisors to automate their referral process within the financial institution

Refertrac makes sending and receiving referrals easy for advisors. Centralize communication and measure success as you close business – safely and securely.

Financial Advisor

Refertrac Advisor

Financial Advisors are able to send, receive and report referrals within the institution.

Financial Institution

Refertrac Institution

All departments of the institution are able to send, receive, and report referrals.

  • 1

    Send and receive referrals securely within the institution

    • Staff easily send referrals at “point of contact”
    • Select products and department when sending a referral
    • Include important notes and information to help the recipients close the business
  • 2

    Track, communicate, and update referral statuses

    • Instant email updates when you receive a referral
    • Automated notifications when referrals are updated and closed
    • Weekly summary of actions taken on referrals
  • 3

    Measure your referral results

    • Easily view actions take and results of referrals
    • See revenue generated for the advisor and institution by referrals
    • Increase “teachable moments” with staff by reporting the results of referrals
  • 4

    Report everything you would want to know about your referrals

    • Create custom reports
    • Report fields such as closed referrals, qualified referrals, products closed, revenue generated, and much more
    • Run reports for specific date ranges with on click of the mouse
  • 5

    Your data is safe and secure with Refertrac

    • The safety of your data is our number one priority
    • Input as little or as much data on your customers as you see fit. No account numbers required
    • SAS Type II
    • Data Redundancy
    • Encryption and IP access control
    • 99.9% Up-time guaranty