Financial Advisor Referral Software

Generate Referrals
From Clients & COIs

ReferTrac is Financial Advisor referral software that is proven to generate more referrals and grow your practice.

Grow 4x More Referrals

ReferTrac grows Advisors referrals 4x with simple to use referral software.

Effortless Referrals

Put your referrals on auto-pilot with automated referral outreach emails.

Reward For Referrals

Optionally send eGift card referral rewards for successful referrals.
Automated Referral Outreach

Referrals On AutoPilot

Put referrals on auto-pilot with automated referral outreach that continually generates referrals from your clients and network.
Referral Page

Your Brand Referral Page

Design your financial advisor referral page with colors, logos, profile pictures, information about your business or referral program and more.
Referral Form

Referral Form Builder

Build the perfect referral form that fits the data that you want to collect as a financial advisor. Forms can be built with open fields, drop-downs, radio buttons and more. All the custom form fields will populate into your referral reports.
Team Page

Include The Entire Team

Create a financial advsior "Team" referral page to market your team members that includes individual links to each members referral form.
Referral Tracking

Track Your Referral Progress

Track your referral statuses throughout the entire referral process. Tracking referrals for financial advisors is critical to make sure sales opportunities are not falling through the cracks.
Referral Reports

Detailed Referral Reports

Detailed Excel referral reports are generated automatically with all the referral details you need to run a successful financial advisor referral program.
Eliminate Data Entry

Integrate With Your CRM

No more manually entering referrals into your CRM or on spreadsheets. Your referrals will flow directly into your CRM with fields mapping to profiles. You are even able to update referral statuses in your CRM that will dynamically update your referral reports.
Automated Emails

Referral Communication

Keeping in communication generates more referrals. ReferTrac sends automated emails from you to your "referrers" and "referrals" for referral updates, introductions and follow-up reminders.
More Booked Appointments

Embed Your Booking Calendar

Generate more booked appointments by giving "Referrers" the ability to schedule the person they are referring right on your calendar after a referral is submitted.