Built For Financial Advisors in Financial Institutions
Referral Solution That Integrates With Your CRM and Puts Your Referral Program On Auto-Pilot
Seamless Process
ReferTrac makes the referral process seamless and effortless with CRM integration and automated reports.
Better Quality Referrals
Not only does ReferTrac increase referrals but also gives you the tools to improve the quality of referrals FI staff send.
Automated Reports
No more manually creating spreadsheet reports. ReferTrac automatically sends detailed referral reports to anyone
More Referrals & Booked Appointments
ReferTrac takes away all the manual work of entering, tracking and reporting on
Investment referrals from the financial Institution.
Advisor Landing Page
Advisor Branded Referral Landing Page
A branded referral landing page will give your investment group a professional appearance and simple way for financial institution staff to send you referrals.
Referral Form
Easy Form To Submit Referrals
A customized referral form gives the financial's staff the correct data that needs to be collected for each referral, including what needs and products the customer or member needs help with.
CRM Integration
No More Manually Entering Referrals
No more manually entering referrals into your CRM. When FI staff submit a referral, a contact will be created in your CRM with all the referral status, details and notes. As the referral status is updated in your CRM, it updates the automated referral reports in ReferTrac.
Referral Reports
Reports Delivered Automatically
Referral reports are an important part of keeping a good referral relationship with the financial institution. Referral reports can be automatically generated and sent to managers, program managers and anyone in the financial to see the referral details and production.
Integrated Appointment Booking
Staff Books Appointments For You
Increase the efficiency of getting more booked appointments by embedding your online booking form that gives FI staff the ability to book appointments after a referral is submitted.
Referral Tracking
Automated Referral Tracking
ReferTrac automatically tracks the progress of referrals through the referral process. The updating of referrals can be done directly in your CRM or in ReferTrac.
Referral Communication
Everyone Stays In The Loop
Automated referral notifications not only makes sure referrals are getting followed-up on, but also keeps staff in the loop as to what the status is of referrals they have sent.
Referral Incentives
Easily Track & Report Incentives
If your financial institution has a referral incentive program, ReferTrac will atomically calculate and generate incentive reports for referral payouts.